Northwest fire protection, inc.

Welcome to Northwest Fire Protection. While we may not be the biggest fire sprinkler contractor, we have made it our goal to be the best in the fire protection industry.

The servicing the customer idea was built into the planning of our company so that Estimating, System Design, Material Purchasing and Fabrication, Shipping, System Installation Scheduling and Inspection are all right here under one roof. You are welcome to come by any time or call us at 479-646-8934 locally or 800-548-8054, if you have a question before you get to know us, if you have questions during your system’s design, if you need to know when your system will be fabricated and shipped or inspected, “you call one location” and speak to the Estimator that you dealt with or if he is out of pocket you may speak to our personnel in any department at any time of day, Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5 p.m.. Before and after hours, on weekends and holidays you can reach us via the same telephone number to talk to our emergency service department. Emergency Service is on call 24/7.

Our employees have been together for many years. So please call or email us and allow us to discuss your insurance recommendations, retrofitting your existing facility with fire sprinklers, what is needed for a proposed addition to your system or a fire sprinkler system for a proposed new structure.

We are sure you have a lot to do every day without having to worry about your fire sprinkler system meeting fire codes so allow us to handle your fire sprinkler system needs and you can spend more valuable time on the purpose of your facility.

Welcome to Service. Welcome to Northwest Fire Protection.


  • Arkansas - FSS-017
  • Texas - SCR-G-0065
  • Oklahoma - AC293
  • Tennessee - 102
  • Mississippi - 09125
  • Louisiana - F1212
  • Missouri
  • Kansas